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A Bit Different Webcams

Curiosity may draw you to this selection of miscellaneous webcams, but fascination will make you stay! Bound to find its way onto your ‘Favourites’ or Bookmarks, this is a collection of curiosities.

Natural subjects include an ant farm, a chicken coop and a dog bowl. Clawed frogs and stray kittens also feature big here.

The Supernatural webcam is posted at the haunted Willard Library in Indiana, USA, tracking the mysterious Lady in Grey. Watch it if you dare!

Cats in Latvian Animal Shelter new
Webcam shows cats in the Latvian animal shelter in Riga.
Camp bow wow - day camps for doggies
Dog lovers and concerned pet owners will appreciate the live webcams set up in various locations at Camp bow wow. These up-market day camps for doggies are the latest way for American pet owners to amuse their pet whilst they are out at work.
Guinea Pig Webcams - Multiple Angles from The Cage!
Happy Cavy is about three guinea pigs from Oregon USA - spotlighting the fun and serious times of guinea pig care.
Cigar-rolling Webcam
See real Cuban cigars being rolled - although not on a virgin's thigh, alas!
24 hour gerbil live stream
Somewhere in the Netherlands...
Hencam - 24hr live streaming chicken webcam
Hopefully you can see Milly, Tilly and Penny going about their chicken life in the coop at this undisclosed location in the UK. (Milly is the big fat white hen, Penny is the cowardly chicken and Tilly is the ruler of the roost!)
Steve's Ant Farm was one of the first webcams on the Internet, and is the original antcam (1994).
Lamb cam
Great live views of pens of ewes and their newborn lambs via "lamb cam"
Beavers building a dam at Martin Mere
These two European beavers were the star of the BBC Naturewatch program. Watch their dam building progress after dark
Fishes - somewhere in Virginia, USA!
If not the most profound experience in the world, watching a fishy swim about might at least help take the edge off after a miserable day at the office.
TruckCam - Views from around the UK
Watch as a Trucker in the UK drives his truck going about his work. Live Monday to Friday from around 4am GMT
Edinburgh Zoo: Penguin Point
Watch the penguins as they dip in and out of their pool.
Rhino Cam
Blair Drummond’s three Southern White rhino, Graham, Jane and Dorothy, arrived at the park in September 2003 from a reserve in South Africa, where the three were born in 2000.
Bald Eagle Nest in SW Florida
Live webcam showing this beautiful bald eagle sitting on its nest. You can see it is undisturbed by the traffic moving in the background.
Doggie daycamp
Several indoor and outdoor live cameras showing that it's a dog's life!

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