Kamfers Dam Flamingo Webcam

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Kamfers Dam Flamingo Webcam

If you join this live feed and the flamingos appear to be headless, don’t panic, nothing untoward has happened to them. They’ve just tucked their heads under their wings as they’re having forty winks or they’ll have their heads submerged beneath the waters of Kamfers Dam as they’re feasting on the prolific algae to be found there.

While Kamfers Dam in northeast South Africa is a naturally formed body of water the flamingos frequented, it became even more popular with lesser flamingos when human hands constructed an island there for them to breed on. Now they arrive at Kamfers Dam in flocks of tens of thousands.  It’s true that lesser flamingos may be one of the most common of their species, but when they’re en masse as they are here, they truly are a sight to behold.

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