Climbers Run Nature Centre Webcam, Pequea

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Climbers Run Nature Centre Webcam, Pequea

The Climbers Run Nature Center near Pequea in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is just one run by the Lancaster Conservancy who stream these great critter cams.

The bird feeder is busy from before dawn to dusk and trying to recognise them all could keep you busy as there are over ninety different species inhabiting the one hundred acres plus the preserve encompasses.

The stream feed is not quite so lively although if you’re patient you may spot animals coming down to drink or a two legged beast in waders casting a fly or two to try and hook a trout for his lunch. This cam does pan to other locations too so worth watching for a while if you have the time.

Most entertaining? The cheeky squirrel who appears on the bird feed cam. It is not camera shy and with the fixed stare it has may even induce a dose of paranoia.

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