Pompano Beach Underwater Pier Webcam

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Pompano Beach Underwater Pier Webcam

This underwater webcam will give you an insight into what’s lurking under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean offshore of Pompano Beach in Florida. Attached to one of the supporting pillars of the quarter of a kilometre-long Fischer Pier, the cam is a great way of observing aquatic life four and a half metres below the surface.

The fish are not camera shy either and you’ll spot more on this live feed than you would on a digitally created screensaver playing on repeat. If you spot one grabbing a passing shrimp and it suddenly shoots upwards, it won’t be a natural fish eating habit. It’ll mean a canny fisherman up on the pier has managed to bamboozle the fish into taking their bait and is reeling it in.

It doesn’t happen often though as fish are not as daft as they seem. Well apart from the odd one or two that float in front of the cam opening and closing their mouths which makes them look as if they’re singing, but they’re not. This is real life and not a Disney movie.  Will you spot sharks on this cam? You never know. They’re out there so keep watching.

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