Golden Eagle Cam in Whychus Creek, Sisters

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Golden Eagle Cam in Whychus Creek, Sisters

With this golden eagle webcam you can get a close up look at a pair of these immense birds of prey at their nest site in the Whychus Creek area of the Aspen Hollow Preserve near Sisters, Oregon.

This eagle eyrie is more than nine hundred feet away from the cam and it’s only due to some masterful technical engineering in the middle of nowhere you get to see them at all. Thanks to the East Cascades Audubon Society and Yellowknife Wireless for making it possible.

While Golden eagles may be shy in their nesting habits and like to do it far from the nearest humans, they’re not shy of defending their young when they have to. They will even see off large animals like bears if the chicks are in danger. Let’s hope this couple, who have been using this site for twelve years, have a peaceful and uneventful breeding season and that this year’s offsprings hatch then grow to live to a ripe old age without any interference from the local bruins.

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