Biberach Nest & Marketplace Cams

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Biberach Nest & Marketplace Cams

Biberach appears to be a quiet and picturesque, red-roofed German town full of historic buildings and monuments and it is. But when it holds an event – it really puts on a party.

There are several big festivals held in Biberach every year and they go on for days. The Biberacher Schützenfest literally takes over the town for nine entire days in mid-July with music, traditional dancing, street theaters, food stalls and beer gardens.

Christmastime is no quieter in Biberach and the town’s festive market is a sixteen-day affair where plenty of hot, spiced wine is served to stave off the chill in the air. It’s no wonder the Biberach stork has flown its nest!

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One thought on “Biberach Nest & Marketplace Cams

  1. Love Biberach, have been coming to visit friends for many years. Schutzenfest is amazing, the spectacle, costumes
    and friendly atmosphere is magical. We are in awe of the
    societies, teachers and parents who make the magic happen.
    We are here again, after a gap for Covid, to celebrate
    Christmastime, the Christmas Market will open tomorrow, it is snowing, we anticipate warming Gluwein, hot sausages and
    interesting cabins full of wonderful articles. We are blessed
    with a friendship of forty more years sharing our countries

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