Southampton Port Webcams

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Southampton Port Webcams

When an island is floating in the middle of the English Channel unless you have a private plane, helicopter or parachute in, there’s only one way to get there and that’s by ferry.

The Southampton to Cowes Ferry is a regular service running from the British mainland out to the Isle of Wight. The two hour trip takes cars, passengers and goods lorries from Southampton down the Solent to the small seaport of Cowes.

The car ferry may not be as interesting to look at as the sailing yachts that skim down the Solent during Cowes week, but it’s efficient and doesn’t rely on the wind to get there.

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3 thoughts on “Southampton Port Webcams

  1. I think looking at redfunnel ferry port is verry .Interestring .thanks to all the Hard Working Staff at Redfunnel Ferry,

  2. What threat can these cameras pose ?
    Red tape and pen pushers who think they can deny freedoms, this is supposedly a FREE country.

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