Port Isaac Webcam from the Old School Hotel

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Port Isaac Webcam from the Old School Hotel

Drop by this webcam on a sunny day and the turquoise waters of this cliff-sheltered bay may lead you to believe you’re viewing somewhere in the Mediterranean. You’re not.

This live feed streamed by the Old School Hotel is coming from Port Isaac in Cornwall and it is definitely not your typical UK coastal view. In fact, Port Isaac isn’t typical at all. Cornwall is a county that once had its own language. While it’s now only spoken by a very few, traces of it remain in everyday life including in the village’s name. Amuse yourself for a minute or two by saying Por-th Is-sick, the Cornish pronunciation of Porthysek meaning corn port, with a thick country accent and you’ll be talking like a Port Isaac villager did until a hundred or so years ago.

If you feel you’ve seen Port Isaac before, even though you’ve never been there, don’t worry, you may well have so discount deja vu. This sleepy-looking harbour village, while masquerading under various fictional names, has been the backdrop in multiple TV series and films. One British series, Doc Martin, took over the narrow streets of the village with their cameras and sound crews for eighteen years. While the viewing public were sad to see the series come to an end, it was a good one, the locals were probably well and truly glad to get their village back.

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