Severn Valley Railway Webcams

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Severn Valley Railway Webcams

If you’re chuffing because you missed your train, take a trip around the stations of the Severn Valley Railway with these live feeds instead.

The Severn Valley Railway operates steam-powered locomotives on sixteen miles worth of standard gauge track in the Severn Valley. Take a compartment in the historic carriages for the journey between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster and you’ll travel in style just like passengers did in the golden age of steam. The only difference you’ll notice is that, unlike bygone times, you can now get a decent cup of coffee at the station while waiting for your train to depart.

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12 thoughts on “Severn Valley Railway Webcams

  1. Great to watch hope to get there one day member of 82045 trust but have ostearthritus so have to have help with back and walking poor need to get there on day🤔😊👍

  2. Ime a regular of watching rail cams, being a retied BR employee find it amazing that gate opposite Kidderminster signal box is consistently being left open by your employees

  3. Why is it that the camera looking at platforms 1 and 2 always faulty or not working . Surely it would be more economical to replace the camera than keep having it break down every five minutes.

  4. Why does the Bridgnorth camera include a view of the castle? What a train enthusiast wants to see is tracks, stations and of course trains.

  5. Dirty. Filthy. Polluting Diesels. Belching out Filthy Smoke. Polluting our lovely Fresh Country Air. These terrible ugly monstrous things need to be banned. However Steam Trains are much more better and environmentally friendly. Diesels are disgusting and Diesel enthusiasts are pathetic!

    1. Each to their own. I love steam, but it should be remembered that Diesel traction also played a major part in railway history and is also very interesting as indeed in years to come Electric Traction might well be. With regard to your remark about Diesel enthusiasts I will treat that with the contempt it deserves and ignore it. Follow your own interests and allow others to follow theirs. There is ample room for everyone and we should ALL be thankful we have a railway to enjoy

    2. Hmm. Steam more environmentally friendly than diesel? I do not have the kg/km of CO2 produced from either, but bearing in mind the poor efficiency of coal fired locos vs diesel I wouldn’t mind betting the latter are the more ‘environmentally friendly’! Oh, and that fresh country air you talk about. Farmers round here pollute the air just as badly with gases and odours from slurry spraying and it’s hanging in the air for days or weeks not minutes as in the case of a locomotive. Get real.

  6. I have never been on the line, only the cab ride on you tube,
    but i’ll make it a priority to go down to go down this summer
    and travel on it, looks like a fantastic day out.

  7. Does anyone k how where the new bridge is coming from
    It’s being delivered and installed on 8 10 22 in one piece

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