Mount Washington Cog Railway Webcam

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Mount Washington Cog Railway Webcam

One thing you’ll notice quite quickly when viewing this Mount Washington cog railway webcam is that its focus includes a popular stopping off spot for photographs. And why not? The background scenery is pretty spectacular no matter the time of the year.

Smiles, selfies, posing and scenery aside, here’s some railway facts for the aficionados. The Cog, as it’s affectionately known, opened in 1858, was the first ever mountainside cog railway and is the second steepest in the world. It operates with a Marsh rack system along a three mile-long, four foot, eight inches wide narrow gauge track. Running at just under three miles per hour, it takes the locomotive around an hour to push the passenger carriage up the western side of the mountain. Coming down is, not surprisingly, considerably faster. But not so fast you’d need to hold onto your hat.

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