Dairy Farm Milking Webcam, Promyshlennaya

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Dairy Farm Milking Webcam, Promyshlennaya

There’s something so hypnotically relaxing about watching the milking machines of this dairy farm in Promyshlennaya, Russia, going round and round even when the stalls are empty. Long gone are the days of milk maids, metal pails and milking stools as technology has long since taken over. There’s still one thing milking can’t be done without though and that’s the cows.

The very sedate and organised process of milking the dairy herd here takes place three times a day starting at six in the morning, then again at eleven thirty with the final session starting at six in the evening. Believe it or not, the bovines are renowned for being punctual. Whether that’s because they enjoy the ride on the milking merry-go-round or a nibble of the tasty hay in the feed box, only the cows know and they’re staying moo-t.

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