Farmer Derek’s Wildlife & Feeding Cams in the Flint Hills

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Farmer Derek’s Wildlife & Feeding Cams in the Flint Hills

What do cows, deer and owls have in common? The answer to that is usually not a lot, but not the cows, deer and owls you can see on these cams. They have one thing in common, but what? Cows and deer are both ruminates so that’s something, but the nocturnal owl isn’t.

What these critters have in common is that Farmer Derek from his ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas has made them worldwide celebrities on his youtube channel and they’ve been on TV too. You can even join in with feeding the cows and deer if you feel inclined. If you do, you’ll join the throngs of cyber farmers who prefer to press a button on their computer than to wander through the fields where they’d probably step in a cow pat. Cyber farming is definitely less smelly than the real version.

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One thought on “Farmer Derek’s Wildlife & Feeding Cams in the Flint Hills

  1. Hi Derek I had to write and say a big thank you for sharing your cameras with us.
    My wife and I watch every morning over breakfast hear in Wales UK.
    The amount of different animals that use your feeding station is amazing to us.
    We have our own feeding stations for the Hedge hog’s that visit our home.
    We occasionally get a Rabbit or Fox.
    But it’s just great to watch the different animals in your area.
    Keep up the good work thanks again
    Phil James.

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