Central Florida Eagle Cams

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Central Florida Eagle Cams

Thanks to SuperBeaks who stream these live feeds you can get an insight into how Pepe and Muhlady, a bald eagle pair in Central Florida, go about their daily lives. The first two cams offer the best views while the Down Below cam shows nothing more than the spooky fluttering of Spanish moss unless one of the birds happens to swoop in with some prey.

What’s truly great about this collection of bald eagle cams is the countdown information. On the From Above cam you can find out exactly when the eggs were laid and how many days they’ve been incubating as well as what weather the nest-bound bird is having to put up with.

There’s one thing that has to be said and that’s – this pair of bald eagles keep a very tidy nest. Just the same as when you have kids in the house, no doubt that will all change once the chicks have hatched and have started making their presence known. Pepe and Muhlady will be far too busy feeding the newly hatched to straighten out their stick structure and won’t get time to clean up until the fledglings have flown the nest. It seems the trials and tribulations of parenting aren’t so much different in the bird world than they are in the human one. We wish them good luck with their offsprings.

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