Brown Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti

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Brown Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti

The Libearty Bear Sanctuary near Zarnesti in Romania is a pretty unique place. It’s the only one of its kind in the entire country and on a worldwide scale, the biggest bear sanctuary in existence.

There’s around a hundred bears at the sanctuary that have been rescued from places they should never have been kept in the first place. After spending too much of their life confined in small spaces, these brown bears make the most of the one-hundred and seventy acres of mountainside and forest they have to roam in and who can blame them.

While you may need to have patience to see some of the brown bears come lumbering into view, appear they will as they love the pond the camera is focused on. If it’s wintertime though you may have to wait a little longer as they’ll be snoozing through the hibernation period. 

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