Birds and Other Wildlife Cameras in Recke

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Birds and Other Wildlife Cameras in Recke

NatureTec who stream this collection of bird and animal live feeds really have created a fairytale world for the local wildlife of Recke in Germany.

Bird tables, tree-hanging feeders, a two level bird bath with running water and a ground feeding area decorated with a miniature crooked house and other colourful ornaments. It’s like a five star wildlife hotel with a built in spa. Itchy, from the seven dwarfs of Snow White fame, has a house there too, but you may find the hedgehogs are impersonating Sleepy if it’s the time of the year when they’re hibernating.

Is it the luxurious additions that make these feeders so popular? And popular they are as there’s a constant toing and froing of birds fluttering in. The answer is no, they don’t even notice it. The bottom line of this fairy story is – so long as there’s food in the feeders the critters are happy and will keep visiting.

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