Little Penguins (Kororā) Nesting in Napier Port

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Little Penguins (Kororā) Nesting in Napier Port

Penguins don’t just live in frozen wastelands, but in New Zealand too, as you can see on this penguin live feed streaming from Napier Port.

Napier is on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island which is  a spot that the little blue penguin likes to inhabit. The Maori name for the little blue penguin is korora and that’s the name it’s commonly known by now. It’s the smallest species of penguin in existence and rather than being black and white is a grayish-blue color. 

Korora don’t mind too much where they build their nests and are certainly not averse to using one provided by humans for just that purpose. They’re pretty unpredictable at egg laying too but they can often hatch several broods a year so if you keep checking back, you’re more than likely to see a penguin chick at some stage. If you join the feed and there’s a chick in the nest box on its own, don’t worry. That just means the penguin parents have gone fishing, as they do for most of the day, and will be back when night falls.

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