Birds and Mammals on the NatureNet Webcams

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Birds and Mammals on the NatureNet Webcams

Have you ever wondered what creatures visit a British garden when they think no-one is looking? View this collection of webcams streamed by NatureNet and you won’t be left wondering for long.

Two of NatureNet’s cams focus on feeders in a south Derbyshire garden. The garden is visited by all sorts of hungry critters who come to have a nibble at what’s been left out for them. Foxes, badgers and squirrels, along with too many species of birds to mention individually, are all frequent visitors. If there are no critters around check out the third cam. It’s aimed at the sky which is nice as you can watch the treetops swaying in the breeze and the clouds go scudding by. Thank you to NatureNet for sharing all three and for feeding the wildlife.

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