Shag Colony Webcam in Oamaru, Otago

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Shag Colony Webcam in Oamaru, Otago

When a shag moves into the neighbourhood, it doesn’t move in alone, but brings all of its friends with it. This colony of shag squatters has taken over the Sumpter Wharf in Oamaru, New Zealand and doesn’t appear to have any intention of moving on any time soon. Who can blame them, it’s a pretty scenic spot and handy for dropping down into the water to grab a fish for lunch.

Shags are part of the cormorant family and can dive down up to eighteen metres to catch their prey. When they’re not diving for fish, and not standing around preening or gossiping, they spend their time doing home renovations in the form of guano deposits or in other words – piles of shag poop. Whether that makes the dilapidated wharf more attractive is questionable, but the shags seem to be quite at home with it.

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