Back Garden Wildlife Webcam in Guildford

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Back Garden Wildlife Webcam in Guildford

When you’re lucky enough to have a garden in an English town you might be under the impression that the only visitors you get are sparrows, blue tits, a blackbird or two and some butterflies in summer. Take a look at this back garden cam streaming from Surrey and you might start to wonder what exactly is wandering across your lawn or through your flower beds when you’re not looking.

Urban wildlife has been on the increase over the past decade and there’s all manner of creatures who have a tendency to appear when they think the coast is clear. Badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, rabbits, the next door neighbour’s cat and if you haven’t got the right fencing, you may even have a muntjac deer sneak in for a nibble of your grass. If that’s made you start wondering what’s roaming over your turf when you’ve switched the lights out, maybe it’s time you got a back garden wildlife webcam too. You’ve no idea what you’re missing.

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