Bird Feeding in Karuizawa, Near Nagano

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Bird Feeding in Karuizawa, Near Nagano

If there’s one thing the birds don’t do at these feeders in Karuizawa in Japan and that’s squabble over the food. Whether that’s because there’s plenty of seed or is because Japanese birds have good manners remains to be seen.

Karuizawa is a town in a stunningly beautiful rural area of central Japan that’s mountainous and heavily forested. It’s popular for its summertime hiking and wintertime hot spring bathing and has incredible scenic features like the Shiraito Falls. Sadly, the birds that pop in to make the most of the feeders on this live feed streamed by Chi S don’t seem to realise the beauty of the place they’re inhabiting. All they’re interested in is having another peck at the seeds.

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  1. What are the puffy things on the upper left corner of the frame. Thanks for the excellent streaming video.

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