Cow Sanctuary Webcam Near Salzburg

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Cow Sanctuary Webcam Near Salzburg

Thanks to Josef and Juliane who stream this live feed you can have a peak at these cows as they go about their daily business of chewing the cud. And without having to worry that one day they’ll end up in the slaughterhouse before being shipped in parts to a supermarket wrapped in plastic.

These bonny bovines are the lucky ones and are living out their natural lives in a cow sanctuary near Salzburg in Austria. While Josef and Juliane were once regular farmers, their decision to become vegans changed their entire outlook on keeping cattle and other animals that would end up as food for humans. It’s a happy life for the cows especially in the spring and summer when they’re free to roam over fields of green backed by pine forests and mountains. It has to be said that, in this part of Austria at least, the hills are alive with the sound of moo-sic.

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