Ilene Nature Reserve Webcam in Tønsberg

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Ilene Nature Reserve Webcam in Tønsberg

If you were a duck, goose or wading bird you’d probably have the Ilene Nature Reserve somewhere near the top of your bucket list of places to fly into. It’s a real five star bird resort with all the amenities any waterbird could possibly ask for.

The Ilene Nature Reserve, an extensive wetland, is just one of five nature preserves around Tønsberg in southeast Norway. It’s one that gets the big thumbs up from the flocks of birds that fly in to feed and nest there too. Staying there for birds is completely free of charge and as it’s a protected area, pesky humans are kept at bay. People are allowed to hike through the reserve and do some bird spotting, but they’re not allowed to take their shoes and socks off to paddle in the water. Keeping sweaty, smelly feet out of the water is definitely one way of maintaining the natural balance of the wetland’s ecosystem.

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