Kestrel Nest Webcams on the Corbusierhaus, Berlin

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Kestrel Nest Webcams on the Corbusierhaus, Berlin

Whether you’re doing it in the wild or doing it virtually, it has to be said, birdwatching often requires quite a lot of patience. You’ll need plenty of it to catch sight of the kestrels who occupy this prefabricated nest too as they mostly prefer flying to roosting.

This cam is located somewhere on a block of flats, the Corbusierhaus, in the suburbs of Berlin that were an innovative construction when first built in the late 1950s. The architectural style of the high rise block is known as brutalist because of its basic unadorned look. That’s pretty much on par with these nest boxes so maybe the kestrels have winged it in search of a more luxurious nesting site. The only way to find out is to keep watching. If you get bored waiting for the birds to put in an appearance, click into the nest 1 cam and you can wile away the hours by counting just how many times you hear the building’s lift go up and down. You’ll need a pen and paper as you’ll run out of fingers after five minutes.

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