Osprey Nest Webcam from RSPB Loch Garten

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Osprey Nest Webcam from RSPB Loch Garten

Get a close up view of the ospreys occupying this nest and you’ll probably agree, they’re one of the weirder looking birds of prey. Their tufty head feathers give them a sort of cute punk appeal especially when the wind is blowing and their crest stands on end. It’s a bird you wouldn’t want to argue with though as when fully matured their wing span can reach almost two metres. Their beaks and talons are razor-sharp too.

This osprey nest cam is streamed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds from a secret site in the Loch Garten Nature Reserve. Ospreys have been coming to this site near Abernethy in Scotland for several decades. They don’t stay at the eyrie all year round only between April and August when it’s time for breeding, egg laying, and chick hatching so make the most of this fantastic sight while you can. Eggs are laid sometime around mid-April and hatch about a month later so keep popping back and you’ll get to witness the happy event.

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