Urdaibai Bird Center Webcams in the Basque Country

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Urdaibai Bird Center Webcams in the Basque Country

When birds of a feather flock together they head over to a region of Spain known as the Basque country to spend some time at the Urdaibai Bird Center. It’s like a luxury vacation for them and they never stop tweeting about it.

The Urdaibai Bird Center is a nature preserve and wildlife refuge near Vizcaya where there’s extensive acreage of wetlands as well as lakes and marshes surrounded by mountains and forests. It’s a natural haven for migratory birds and you’ll be able to spot all manner of species on these bird live feeds.

You’ll be able to watch the fluff-covered chicks emerge from their shells, be fed by the parent birds, then see them grow their feathers before eventually taking flight and leaving the nest.

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