Peregrine Falcons at 367 Collins, Melbourne

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Peregrine Falcons at 367 Collins, Melbourne

Constructing a nest on a skyhigh concrete ledge on a building in the middle of Melbourne’s central business district might not seem like such a good idea. The peregrine falcons you can see on this live feed definitely wouldn’t agree with that though as they’ve been nesting here for over ten years.

Peregrines are not a bird that’s commonly seen in Melbourne, the state of Victoria or pretty much anywhere in Australia so this nesting pair get the special treatment. They’re part of the Victorian Peregrine Project which researches these amazing birds in the hope of discovering more about their breeding habits. Nesting time is in the spring which in Melbourne is from September to November. View the cam then and you’ll see the entire process from egg laying to hatching and be able to see the fledglings take to the air when they’re ready to leave the nest.

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