Castlepoint Lighthouse Webcam

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Castlepoint Lighthouse Webcam

Castlepoint Lighthouse sits on top of a steep cliff overlooking a small, but breathtakingly pretty bay on a peninsula jutting out into the South Pacific Ocean. It’s a wild and idyllic location on North Island, New Zealand, but if you’ve clicked into the lighthouse feed to view the scenery, sadly, it’s not going to happen.

The Castlepoint Lighthouse webcam focuses on the lighthouse itself, all seventy-five feet of it. It may be pretty dull viewing during the day, but the lighthouse comes into its own from dusk until midnight when its illuminated with a colored light show. If you miss the show, there’s always the regular, non-stop flashing of the light in the lantern room to watch. It can be a great help if you’re contemplating practicing self-hypnosis. 

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