Flamingos on the Paradise Park Webcam in Hayle

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Flamingos on the Paradise Park Webcam in Hayle

The flamingos residing in Paradise Park, near Hayle in Cornwall, have their own private, albeit small, shangri-la to spend their time in. And, while it may be in the UK, it’s certainly got a tropical look to it which is probably why they don’t move very far so don’t expect a lot of action on this webcam. That said though, there has been a flurry of excitement ripple through this tranquil scene recently.

One of the flamingos has laid an egg. While that may not sound something out of the norm for a bird, it’s an unusual occurrence at the park and the first time it’s happened in the last five years. Keep watching and you may well be able to spot the chick when it hatches, but don’t expect it to be a mini pink version of an adult flamingo. It’ll be whitish-grey for at least a couple of years. That may be a slow development, but one definitely worth popping back every so often to keep an eye on.

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