DashDucks and OurChickenLife Webcams Near Salt Lake City

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DashDucks and OurChickenLife Webcams Near Salt Lake City

There’s one thing to get in a flap about with these bird webcams streamed on Twitch and that’s the ad breaks. Bear with either cam for a minute and the ads will disappear – eventually.

There’s an old saying that goes something like birds of a feather flock together and these live feeds prove it to be more or less true. The chickens like nothing better than huddling up quietly together to roost or while they’re pecking at the feed people send them. The ducks are a lot more vocal and not averse to quacking in a demanding manner while waiting for someone to activate the automatic feeder. Wait until that happens and if the geese have floated in, you’ll be able to observe a very strange phenomena called bird bullying. Who knew that was even a thing? It could be the geese are just establishing the pecking order, but they really need to learn a friendlier way to do it.

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