Provocative Street Views of Kensington Ave. Philadelphia

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Provocative Street Views of Kensington Ave. Philadelphia

There’s no denying that webcams are great for letting you see places you may never have the chance to visit. Whether Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia was ever on your must-visit list is questionable, but if it was, after viewing this cam, you’ll definitely want to cross it off without ever having being there, seeing it or doing it.

What people actually do on Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia is open to interpretation. Even after watching for a while you may not feel any more enlightened than you were when you first clicked in – unless you’re a fan of horror movies. If you are, you’ll instantly recognise the scenario. Yes, it’s sad, but true, a zombie apocalypse is happening live and right before your eyes. Now, thanks to the Philadelphia police surveillance cams, you can keep up to date on how it’s progressing. Let’s be honest – it doesn’t look good.

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