Blue Penguin Colony and Nest Webcams in Oamaru

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Blue Penguin Colony and Nest Webcams in Oamaru

Little or blue penguins are quite possibly one of the cheekiest and most characterful birds on the planet. This small species of penguin isn’t found everywhere, but part of their natural habitat is this rocky shore near Oamaru on the east coast of South Island in New Zealand.

Apart from their diminutive size, one of the things that sets them apart from other species of penguins is their bright blue plumage. Blue penguins don’t hatch their eggs out on the rocks either, they prefer the comfort of a burrow. When you see a group of them waddling along the shore at dusk that’s where they’ll be heading. Yes, they generally have to make a detour around the seals that flop onto the rocks to sleep, but while it might look like a major struggle, their little legs get them home eventually.

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