Salisbury Cathedral Peregrine Falcon Webcams

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Salisbury Cathedral Peregrine Falcon Webcams

Any pair of peregrine falcons choosing Salisbury Cathedral as a nesting site probably consider it, as far as nesting sites go, a pretty safe place. And the location must have something special about it as falcons have been nesting there for over a hundred and fifty years.

The nest box on the tower is well away from people and high above any traffic so well away from any danger. What the breeding pairs don’t take into account is the disturbance that occurs with clockwork regularity. No, it’s not gusts of wind at high altitude that could blow a chick out of the nest box, but the quarterly chiming of the cathedral clock. It’s well known that the peregrine falcon is not just the fastest bird when in flight, but also the fastest creature on earth. Be ready to watch the fledgling chicks scoot out of the nest when their time comes and zoom off at speed they will. And who wouldn’t be ready to leave home after they’d been listening to deafening bells ringing every fifteen minutes for the past few weeks?

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