Blue Cow Mountain Webcam, Perisher Valley


Blue Cow Mountain Webcam, Perisher Valley

Stay with this webcam for a while and you’ll get some great views of the Snowy Mountains and the Perisher Valley in New South Wales, Australia. Whether the scenery is better when it’s covered with snow is a matter of opinion, but the valley isn’t called Perisher for nothing. When it’s not whited over, it’s as dry as a bone. Take a stroll through the hills from December through to April and you could well perish from dehydration.

That all changes from around the beginning of May when snow starts to fall on Blue Cow Mountain and it turns into a ski resort. If you’re anywhere other than in the southern hemisphere this is the cam you want for some summertime skiing action. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, fair dinkum cobber, who needs snow at Christmastime anyway. 

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