Earth from The International Space Station

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Earth from The International Space Station

Tune in to either of these live streams from the International Space Station cams for a candid look at the planet we inhabit. 

As the space station makes its ninety-minute long orbit of Earth, get a glimpse of the deserts of Africa, the snow-capped Alps, passing satellites and countless sunrises and sunsets. 

Join the Secondary Stream of the International Space Station webcams, you’ll hear them talking and may even see the astronauts appear on camera.

Don’t forget the transmissions from the International Space Station cams are streaming from outer space. They may take a few seconds to load. They’ll also get interrupted on occasion if the astronauts have more important work to do, or the equipment is being used for something else. 

Those astronauts are travelling at over 17,000 miles an hour, 253 miles directly up and if you need help getting your head around that, the Webcam Location on this page reflects the current position of the ISS so you can see if they’re above you right now and how quickly they go past. Give them a wave!

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7 thoughts on “Earth from The International Space Station

  1. What are the dimensions of the Earth area shown by this camera as the ISS and its camera proceed in orbit?

    1. Our map on the page updates with the ISS location in real time but we can’t superimpose it onto the feed as we’re not the broadcaster!

  2. The “Webcam Location” panel is hopelessly undependable, and usually way off, nowhere near where the ISS actually is. For example, at this moment, the ISS is over the US midwest, up by Michigan. The “Webcam Location” image puts it west of South America in the ocean. Embarrassingly wrong. Just take it off of there!

    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for the comment. Seems either the data source had a glitch or your device isn’t updating the pin in real time.

      If you go to an official nasa tracker at: then to our webcam map (which uses the same data as this page) at do the two pins not line up? Ours might start slightly off then update after a couple of seconds. If they’re still wildly out then I’d be interested to know what device you’re using so we can try to replicate it. As I look at it now, they’re both aligned. As you rightly point out, there’s no point having the feature (even if it is a bit of fun!) if it’s wrong!

      Thanks for any insight!

  3. Yes, seems to be correct now, as it has been for many days when I’ve checked it. May have been, as you say, a glitch at my end. Using Chrome browser on MacBook Air computer, running OSX10.14.6. I’ll keep you posted. Would love to see the video feed and the realtime map side by side, so I don’t have to scroll to see the map.

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