Earth from The International Space Station

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Earth from The International Space Station

Tune in to either of these live streams from the International Space Station cams for a candid look at the planet we inhabit. 

As the space station makes its ninety-minute long orbit of Earth, get a glimpse of the deserts of Africa, the snow-capped Alps, passing satellites and countless sunrises and sunsets. At night, you’ll see more city lights twinkling down below than there are stars in the sky.

Yes, there really are people up there. Join the Secondary Stream of the International Space Station webcams, you’ll hear them talking and may even see the astronauts appear on camera.

If you’re not sure where in the world you’re looking at, click on the NASA link below and it’ll take you to their website where there’s a space station tracker.

Don’t forget the transmissions from the International Space Station cams are streaming from outer space. They may take a few seconds to load. They’ll also get interrupted on occasion if the astronauts have more important work to do, so don’t be impatient. The signal is coming a long way.

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