SpaceX Launchpad Webcams in Boca Chica

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SpaceX Launchpad Webcams in Boca Chica

Watch the crafts being built, being tested and then prepare for the blast off. You’ll see it all on these live feeds from the SpaceX Launchpad webcams.

SpaceX is a private company specializing in space transport. It’s a noisy business so the launchpads are in Boca Chica which is a remote location in the deserts of Texas. Check out the Predator feed and you’ll notice there are a few wild beasties totally unphased by the noise of space engineering.

Whether they’re communications satellites, an astronaut-carrying spacecraft, or an internationally manned space station, what goes up usually must come down, but sad to say, landings are never as precise as take-offs.

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2 thoughts on “SpaceX Launchpad Webcams in Boca Chica

  1. Nerdle Cam at SpaceX Launch Facility

    Is the OLIT tower leaning to the right?


  2. Great stuff can`t wait for the launch of Starship will keep watching for the day you make the massive update in space travel with reusable equipment.

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