Alveus Sanctuary Exotic Animal Webcams, Austin

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Alveus Sanctuary Exotic Animal Webcams, Austin

It can be tempting to have an exotic animal as a pet, but it’s not always a good idea as they can prove to be difficult to keep. Not everyone can resist temptation though which can lead to problems as soon as the cute baby creature grows into an unmanageable adult. While the Alveus Sanctuary for Exotic Animals hasn’t given refuge to anything quite as wild as Ming the New York tiger, it’s cared for quite a few critters that should never have been kept as mascots in the first place.

Maya, who founded the sanctuary, is a conservationist who aims to educate through her podcasts and videos which are broadcast on Twitch. Watch a few of those and you’ll soon realise the best way to get to know an exotic creature is by viewing the sanctuary’s animal and bird ambassadors on this collection of webcams and not by keeping one in your bathroom or backyard.

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