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Las Vegas Sphere Webcam

Should you happen to come across this live feed streaming from Las Vegas at night, don’t panic. A planet hasn’t fallen from outer space and landed on the Strip nor is there an emoji-style alien invasion in process. What you’ll be seeing is the Las Vegas Sphere.

The Sphere is without a doubt an other-worldly event venue. Its spherical shape alone sets it apart from other event venues in both the US and around the globe. The Sphere’s external appearance isn’t its only eye-boggling feature either. The building of the enormous venue took five years to complete and cost more than two billion dollars. It may take the operating company, Sphere Entertainment, a while to get their money back as, even though it’s the largest venue of its kind in the world, it only has a seating capacity for eighteen and a half thousand. Guess the ticket prices will be skyhigh for the next few years at least. The good thing is – watching the amazing light shows on the external screens via webcam is absolutely free.

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