Beehive Webcam in Loxton

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Beehive Webcam in Loxton

Take a fascinating peep into the lives of bees through this feed from a Beehive webcam. It’s a hive of activity that may make your skin crawl.

This buzzing live stream, from Loxton in the Riverland area of South Australia, is from right inside a hive belonging to apiculturist, the Bush Bee Man.

Watch the worker bees busily constructing the honeycomb where the queen will lay larva. If you’re super observant, you’ll be able to spot the honeybees returning from foraging and passing collected nectar to the workers. The process of passing nectar from bee to bee turns it into honey which is then stored in a hexagonal honeycomb cell. You may even spot the Bush Bee Man’s gauntleted hand coming into view when he retrieves the honeycomb ready to extract the honey for his breakfast toast.

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