Peregrine Falcon Cam in Liempde

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Peregrine Falcon Cam in Liempde

If you were under the impression Speedy Gonzalez, roadrunners or even cheetahs were the fastest animals in the world, you need to think again.

Speedy may be the quickest mouse in Mexico – if the cartoon animators have their way. Roadrunners can reach up to almost thirty miles an hour – given a straight highway to run down. Cheetahs can easily top a velocity of sixty miles an hour – when chasing a prospective meal.

That said, none can compete with a peregrine falcon in flight when it dives after prey. It out does them all and by a long way. Don’t be surprised if all you see on this peregrine falcon webcam streaming from Liempde in the Netherlands is nothing more than a feathery blur. You’ll be viewing the fastest creature in existence coming in to roost and it’s one that slow motion has no meaning for at all.

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