Animal Rescue Centre Cams in Pisek

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Animal Rescue Centre Cams in Pisek

Join this live feed streaming from the Animal Rescue Center in Pisek, Czechia, and when the deer and swans come into view, they make it look like a fairytale setting that’s just missing a Disney princess to complete the picture.

Unfortunately, the birds and beasties at the center are there to recover from injuries or have been abandoned at birth and need looking after until they’re ready to join their companions back in the wild. Thankfully, most of the creatures at the center make a full recovery and so don’t stay there long. If there’s no animals or birds on the first cam, check the feeder cam. You’ll find a cheeky woodpecker drops in regularly for a peck at the feeding pots rather than the food. If he’s not on cam just listen and you’ll hear him tapping away in the background.

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