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Munster Webcam Views

If you clicked onto this cam thinking you’re going to be viewing Munster in Germany, you’re about six-hundred kilometres off-course. This Munster is a small commune tucked away in the Vosges Mountains of northeastern France, but in all fairness, they do have some similar architectural features.

What sets this Munster apart from any other Munster is its somewhat cheesy history. Since the early 7th century, this small rural commune has been producing a unique kind of cheese called Menschterkas. It’s such good stuff that, in the not so distant past, it was even used as a substitute for money. The production of cheese in Munster all started in bygone days when the local monks would mature the cheese in the dank cellars of the monastery. Although the monastery no longer exists that same ageing process is still carried out and it’s the damp that is reputed to give the cheese its special flavour. There’s nothing better than good cheese so hopefully they’ll still be making it in exactly the same way a hundred years from now.

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