Otters on Cam at the Calvert Marine Museum

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Otters on Cam at the Calvert Marine Museum

Do otters live in the water all the time? Take a look at this otter webcam indoor live feed streaming from the Calvert Marine Museum in Maryland and you’ll discover the answer is – no, they don’t.

The cheeky, whiskery, web-footed creatures on these live feeds are North American otters. They’re sleek, shiny and super agile when they decide to hit the water, but they also enjoy spending time together in a den-like environment on dry land.

What do otters eat? While the otters at the Calvert Marine Museum do consume their natural diet of fish, shrimp and even small reptiles, these guys love a boiled egg for breakfast too. In fact, they queue up to get one. Their feeding hours are posted on the museum webpage link below. Check out the times and click into this otter live feed then and you’ll be in for as big a treat as they are.

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