Sæbøvik Village and Bird Feeder

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Sæbøvik Village and Bird Feeder

This is a bird feeder with a bird’s eye view of the village of Sæbøvik on the Norwegian island of Halsnøya. The local birds like to make the most of it and are often hanging around enjoying the Nordic scenery as well as the seed.

There are probably more birds in Sæbøvik than there are people as the village has less than five hundred inhabitants. Sæbøvik’s one claim to fame is that it’s positioned at one end of the four kilometre long Halsnøy Tunnel that runs under the sea between Halsnøya to mainland Norway. It’s a feat of human engineering that goes down to a depth of a hundred and thirty five metres. No, you can’t see any of it on this cam, so sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery and the birds when they flit in.

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