Long Island Aquarium and Penguin Webcams

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Long Island Aquarium and Penguin Webcams

One of the best places to find a bit of peace and quiet in New York City is at the Long Island Aquarium. Fish don’t have much to say and sharks, unlike dolphins and whales, aren’t known for being vocal either. So sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquillity of observing what’s in the tanks and if you don’t like the chill-out soundtrack – just turn it off.

The fortunate fish at the aquarium have what can only be likened to their own indoor ocean to swim around in. The reef tank is one of the biggest in the world and in contrast to the Earth’s seas, it’s totally free of plastic pollution. The sharks are spoiled too as their tank was designed to replicate the Lost City of Atlantis. Whether they appreciate the architecturally interesting structures in their underwater world or not is debatable, but they do seem to keep a beady eye on what’s around them.

Penguins may waddle and appear clumsy when they walk on land, but once they hit the water, they’re the complete opposite and turn into super swift missiles that reach speeds of up to 24kmh. You can’t see that on the live feed though. What you may see is a head pop up in the penguin pavilion’s observation globe which can be disconcerting when you’re not prepared for it.

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