Fort Myers Webcams

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Fort Myers Webcams

Orlando may be able to claim the Floridian crown for its artificial attractions like Disney World and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. That’s fair enough, but Fort Myers is festooned with more than enough natural jewels to outshine any location with little more than fantasy adventure parks to offer – and it does.

Take a tour through this collection of Fort Myers webcams, and the area that surrounds it, and if you were thinking of heading to Orlando, you may well find yourself changing your vacation itinerary. On these cams you’ll discover white sand beaches worthy of being in a Caribbean setting, parks with foliage as lush as the Amazon jungle and incomparable views of the Gulf of Mexico. As if all of those natural assets weren’t enough, in Fort Myers you can see the mysterious marine mammals known as manatees in their natural habitat rather than in a rehabilitation centre. Who needs to see someone dressed as Mickey Mouse when they can get close to a manatee. Now that’s an experience worth going to Florida for.

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