Squirrel Nest Box near Washington

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Squirrel Nest Box near Washington

Without a doubt, squirrels are one of the cutest rodents ever. Just like kids, they’re even cuter when they’re asleep as you’ll see on this squirrel cam when they’re snuggled up together in their bed.

This squirrel cam is streaming from high up in a tree somewhere near Washington DC. What you’re watching are eastern grey squirrels which are a common species in the US and in Europe. Squirrels can have two litters of babies a year usually around February to March and then again in June or July. Keep an eye on this squirrel’s nest box live feed and you’ll be able to see the babies develop from tiny blind and hairless pink blobs to furry tailed adults. It’s a fascinating process and as they get bigger, they get cheekier, so very entertaining.

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