Arashiyama Monkey Park Webcam in Kyoto

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Arashiyama Monkey Park Webcam in Kyoto

Tune into this live feed streaming from Mount Arashiyama in Japan at the right time and you’ll see the live definition of the phrase monkeying around. Visitors to the Arashiyama Monkey Park in Kyoto are not the only ones who enjoy the views of the city from this viewpoint, the park’s resident troop of macaques love it too.

While the hundred or so macaques that live in the park are wild they’re not averse to mingling with humans especially when there’s food involved. Why forage when you can be hand-fed and get your meals for free? They’re also not averse to posing for the camera either so get ready to see some mischievous monkey antics and be prepared for some serious cuteness overload when the babies appear.

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