Pennekamp Coral Reef Webcam in Key Largo

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Pennekamp Coral Reef Webcam in Key Largo

There’s probably one thing you’ll notice quite quickly when you’re viewing this live underwater feed of the Pennekamp Coral Reef in Key Largo Florida. Yes, every now and then there’s a strong surge, a bit like someone’s just pulled the plug out of a bathtub, that has the fish struggling to swim into view.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long and it’s definitely not water from bathroom plumbing creating the current. In fact, the fish seem to enjoy the occasional extra workout they get in the pristine waters of the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. When something dark just happens to cross the screen, don’t let it stress you. It’ll be the shadow of a kayak paddling across the surface, but then again, it could also be a wet-suited scuba diver who’s just spotted a bull shark and is swimming like mad against the current trying to avoid being the predator’s next dinner. Underwater life is fascinating, isn’t it?

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