Gallery Art Store Webcam in Aventura

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Gallery Art Store Webcam in Aventura

There are plenty of webcam views that are as pretty as a picture, but this live feed is literally as pretty as a picture.

The Gallery Art Store in Aventura, Florida, certainly has a stunning collection of creations adorning its walls. It’s pretty diverse too so no matter what type of art you like, you’ll probably see something that catches your eye if you keep browsing long enough. Don’t miss looking down. What you see on the floor will make you ponder. Is that an intentional design or are they footprints left by aspiring artists who have wandered through some spilled paint and then headed straight to the shop from their studio to try to sell their latest, and probably still wet, artwork? To be honest, while it might not be a Jackson Pollock, a chunk of that carpet would still look great hanging on the wall.

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