Brickell Key Bridge and Cityscape in Miami

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 Brickell Key Bridge and Cityscape in Miami

Islands are islands whether they’re natural or man-made and whichever they are, they’re surrounded by water – as islands have a tendency to be. Brickell Key, in Downtown Miami, Florida, is a man-made island constructed on the Miami River and to get to it in a vehicle, you need to cross the Brickell Key Bridge. Sounds simple enough and it is, but not if there’s maritime traffic. 

With a clearance of only twenty-three feet, the bridge is too low for most boats to sail under so they have to go through a draw at the Brickell Avenue end. As it opens every half an hour throughout the day, it can cause tailbacks on the bridge for landlubbers. While you can’t watch the draw opening and closing on this live feed, you can enjoy the stunning, skyscraper-full views of this mini-Dubai. And if you’re lucky, you may even spot a dolphin or two going about its business which, let’s be honest,  makes a welcome change from static high-rises no matter how luxurious they may be.

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